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  • Camilla Rodrigues Netto da Costa Rocha ou Camilla Netto Rocha

    Alguém conhece Camilla Rodrigues Netto da Costa Rocha ou Camilla Netto Rocha? Do you know Camilla Rodrigues Netto da Costa Rocha or Camilla Netto Rocha? This sad story is about Camilla Rodrigues Netto da Costa Rocha or Camilla Netto Rocha that hired translation services and owes USD 1170.00 dollars for delivered translation work. This is…

  • Translation Agency Black List

    Sad stories was created to report payment practices, payment practices of translation agencies, direct clients payment practices, business practices, payment reputation of translation agencies and clients. Also to retaliate claims various industries including translation agencies We as a translator know that translation agencies try to rip-off our countless hours sitting down doing the translation while…

Pay who you owe, remove copyright information from your site, and your name or company will be removed from this site. Is that simple.

Wondering why Your Name or business is here right? Well, there are some reasons like: Stole Intellectual Property, Chargeback and kept work for personal gain, Takes forever to pay, Hold funds and release them whenever you feel like it, Hot Check, Rude Behavior, Online Scam, Customer Hide Behind the Screen, Contact business and make all kind of excuses to follow-through and not ending up doing business. Just wasting people’s time and energy. Say one thing and do another wasting time at their own convenience and coming up with some stories and lies.

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